BİL Holding Incorporated Company was founded in 1994 by the academicians and businessmen who are aware of social responsibilities, adjust the variability of the age and believe in educated person is the biggest fund of Turkey.

BİL HOLDING, which internalised the idea of “Total Quality” and succeed in many things in a short time, acted with the principles like “To become self-sufficient” and “To invest earnings in education again”; improved itself on this way by founding new branches and maintained investments on its necessities.

In time, new links were added to this investment chain which started with the leadership of Bil Holding which internalised powerful, dynamic, innovator and productive management mentality and believe in domination of knowledge.

In turn Bil-Form Printing, Bilder Agency Advertising, EK-BİL Printing, Bil Publishing, Bil Informatics, Bil Logistics, Bil Aydın Publishing and Bil Data Organisations joined Bil Holding.

Bil Holding, which reflected all the scientific and technical developments with the idea of total quality to its missions and products, coloured its 20-year bygone with many companies and over 100 educational institutions. Vocational School of Higher Education “Anadolu Bil MYO”, which is within the structure of “Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation” founded by moral and material support of our holding, and contemporary “İstanbul Aydın University” broke grounds on Turkey’s education.

Bil Holding, which levels up its success rate day by day and takes firm steps forward, will go on serving its contemporary, innovator projects to our country and human being with the democratic philosophy.