Our Team

President: Prof. Dr. Hamide ERTEPINAR

  • Prof. Dr. Hamide ERTEPINAR
  • Prof. Dr. Uğur TEKİN
  • Prof. Dr. Nesrin KALE
  • Prof. Dr. Binyamin BİRKAN
  • Prof. Dr. Ragıp ÖZYÜREK
  • Doç. Dr. Türkay BULUT
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ayşin KAPLAN SAYI
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Devrim AKGÜNDÜZ
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ganime AYDIN
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Aylin Sözer ÇAPAN
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Sinem BAŞ
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mehmet Fatih VARLI
  • Öğr. Gör. Ayşegül KINIK
  • Öğr. Gör. Gül GÜLER
  • Preparation and implementation of in-service training programs for managers and teachers.
  • Providing the academic development support to teachers.
  • Consultancy in instructional planning, implementation and evaluation process.
  • Sharing new approaches in teaching methods and principles.
  • Support in languages, arts and sports.
  • Sharing of the developments in the field of information technology.
  • Realising of domestic and international scientific and cultural projects together.
  • Creating a difference in schooling with developmental assessment and support units including university.
  • Preparation and implementation of training programs for wunderkind students.
  • Children's University.

Contact Person: Osman ÖZŞEN e-Mail: osmanozsen@bilokullari.com.tr

BİL Schools Information and Education Technologies Department; In the 21st century, foreseeing the technological developments will become a century of rapid transformation into personal skills, this area is working to create a new understanding of school, lifelong learning and new generation teachers, offering greater freedom and flexibility with the great change in the field. Therefore, we ensure integrating the latest educational trends developed and used around the world with technology.

Contact Person: Barışkın ARSLAN e-Mail: bariskinarslan@bilkoleji.com.tr

Bil Schools Education Coordination provides support to BİL Schools located in different regions and provinces of Turkey in the field of education and training and provides the application of plans and programs according to the quality standards of BİL Schools in all fields of education and training. Training Coordination; BİL SCHOOLS are working with expert staff to increase the quality of education and training in the establishment of an education and training structure that can carry out the mission in the best possible way, planners, supportive and supervisory staffs.

Contact Person: Tuba KINCAK e-Mail: tubakincak@bilokullari.com.tr

The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Coordinator (PDRK), PDR Coordinator conducting primary and secondary education not only a student at the elementary, secondary and high school level, but also a student with a staff consisting of psychological consultants, orientation, recognition, monitoring studies, psychological counselling rules. At the same time, they continue their seminars with teachers, administrators and parents and benefit from the developmental guidance model in their works.

Contact Person: Nihal YÜCEL e-Mail: nihalyucel@bilkoleji.com.tr

Bil Okulları Educational and Program Development Coordinaton supports BIL Schools located in different regions and provinces of Turkey in terms of the planned and programmed development and application of the supported education programs in the field of education and training. The aim of the Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator is to measure the success of the students in the cognitive, emotional and psychomotor areas with the methods and techniques.

Contact Person: Şükrü NURÇİN e-Mail: s.nurcin@bil.com.tr

Contact Person: Büşra ŞAHİN e-Mail: busrasahin@bilkoleji.com.tr

Bil Kindergarten Coordination Office plans the necessary works to ensure that the preschool period, which is the basis of education best sustained by children. Provide necessary support and necessary research in kindergartens in order to increase the education-productivity in the field of preschool education, to raise the quality of education and to ensure continuous development in this field. It monitors developments related to education and evaluates its results.

Contact Person: Elif DOBRUCALI e-Mail: elifdobrucali@bilkoleji.com.tr

It is responsible for the planning, implementation and development of all types of primary education content, the organization of in-service training seminars, and the continuing functioning of the school by keeping the communication with the department heads and group leaders alive.

Contact Person: Cansu YILMAZ e-Mail: cansuyilmaz@bilkoleji.com.tr

Corporate communications; To ensure the communication and information flow between departments, solution partners and other institutions that constitute the institution in a healthy way in reaching the aims and targets of the institution and in the process of operation; at the same time it is the communication process that takes place in order to maintain and maintain the institution's reputation by providing interaction with the external target.

Contact Person: Gökçe YILMAZ e-Mail: gokceyilmaz@bilokullari.com.tr

Contact Person: Kübra BOZKURT e-Mail: kubrabozkurt@bilokullari.com.tr

Manages a creative process involving organizing text and images in a perceptible and visible plane, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, to convey a message, develop a visual, or visualize a thought. In particular, corporate identity; offers project services advertising worksheets and other digital works.