World Model STEM in Education





STEM consists of a combination of the first letters of the words Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In this scientific innovation competition, where the developed countries and the developing countries in the new era first entered into the production of information and technology, it can also be seen as a push to create new human resources by developing scientific perspectives on scientific and scientific work processes.

Especially, STEM, with reference to science and mathematics disciplines, differentiates engineering and technology applications with the knowledge and skill levels of the students and therefore the young and adults of the 21st century, is carried out by the İstanbul Aydın University business association and support within BİL College.

In extent of Project;

  • Teacher training
  • Student trainings
  • Development of materials and training materials
  • 21st century skills building process
  • School accreditation (STEM school accreditation lasts 3 years)
  • Awareness studies with seminars and conferences
  • It covers a lot of work, especially to encourage our students to national and international science projects.