Holistic guidance will ensure that we see our students as a whole.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit at Bil Schools provides counseling services with the help of program and systematic helping process so that the individual can develop self-definition, understanding, problem solving skills, expressing emotions and thoughts effectively, establishing harmonious relations with his environment.

As a Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit in our schools;

  • Following cognitive, emotional and social developments,
  • To help them adapt to their surroundings,
  • To provide self-awareness, independent and positive relationships,
  • To support them to benefit from the educational environment at the highest level,
  • It aims to enable students to discover their talents and interests and to raise awareness of our students about making the right choices in this direction.

In line with these aims, it continues its activities through individual interviews, family discussions, group work, education, interviews and seminars. Students or parents can attend all these workshops by appointment.

Our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service works by observing three basic principles when carrying out these activities:

  • It is essential for the client to be "voluntary" in matters such as getting help, continuing or termination.
  • In line with ethical principles, interviews with the client are based on the principle of "privacy".
  • Respect for all individuals is essential.

For Students:

  • Adolescence Features,
  • Peer Solidarity,
  • Secure Internet Usage,
  • TEOG Information,
  • Techniques to deal with Examination Anxiety,
  • Efficient Course Study Techniques,
  • Sexual Health Education,
  • Information on Upper Education Institutions,
  • Social Skills Development,

Towards Parents:

  • Individual interviews or structured group work on topics that they may need,
  • Parent seminars planned according to age characteristics and problem areas;
    • Parent Attitudes,
    • The Role of the Parent in the Preparation Process,
    • Understanding the Mature,
    • Effective Communication Methods,
    • The Role of the Family in the Development of Academic Skills,
  • Experts continue to work with seminars and panels held in the presence of speakers.

Towards Our Teachers:

  • Orientation studies,
  • Educational seminars,
  • We will continue to work in cooperation with the students through regular interviews in academic and behavioral terms.