Pergel Publications

Pergel Publications

  • 30,000 m² closed modern printing house,
  • A professional and successful typing team,
  • The agency, which has a different and innovative design concept,
  • Visual design experts,
  • The extensive teaching staff, who have proven themselves in their field,
  • Guidance teachers and pedagogues,
  • Analytical thinking management team,
  • Hundreds of employees,

It aims to add success to your success in the world of education with carefully prepared quality publications.

Dear Mothers and Fathers,

Pergel Publishing has an understanding that cares about the education of the individual at every age. The age range in which the senses of our children are the most obvious and the speed of learning is the highest is 3-6. The 3-6 year age range forms the basis for future affective, cognitive, and mental behavior of children. For this reason, Pergel Publishing is giving special importance to the group of 3-6 years old who give 'preschool' name. It is our priority for our children to explain events visually, to gain correct behaviors and to develop their skills.

There are two basic principles to learning: interest and repeat. All of our books have rich visual content, plenty of illustrations with plain narrative that help students to relate to a variety of examples, helping them to repeat and make the information gained permanent. As Pergel Publishing, we are aware that we are in the center of the school, family and student triangle in educational publishing, and we are at equal distance to these three corners.