Middle School


Today's rapid developments in science and technology shed light on many changes and innovations. Education has been restructured all over the world in the light of these developments. As a result of these developments, our social needs have changed from expectations of differentiated education and training. BIL COLLEGE presents all of Turkey by developing programs to support lifelong learning in order to train intellectuals who will shape the future of our country and society with innovative learning models and methods that will meet these changes and developments.

In our school education programs, every subject has goals that include skill, interest, attitude, values, achievement, production, communication, language, learning by living, knowledge and information as well as concepts included in curriculum of MEB. To achieve these goals, "Full learning model", "5N1K Active Digital Learning method", and "flipped classroom / learning" method are used. Our students learn the methods of life-long learning by researching, questioning, producing, exploring with their own skills, having high self-confidence, doing and living, and taking their own learning responsibilities. Students in Bil Schools, in all of our school's programs, individual differences and learning styles of students are taken into account. Physical, academic, social, cognitive, artistic, cultural, sports and so on. Developments are followed carefully and programs suitable for their needs are also implemented. "Career and Future Programs" for schools, professions and business life related to the future of our students are implemented at our school. Our students are prepared anxiously for the TEOG exams preparation courses, studies, additional courses and coaching, mentoring programs and examinations required for passing to a top-level course.