Read BIL

Reading is one of the important factors in the person's personal development; It improves the human thought structure, the imagination world, increases the vocabulary, and gives people knowledge and experience. If sports provide exercise for the body, reading books also serves as an exercise to increase the capacity of the learner.

Research shows that a Japanese reads 25 books a year, a Swedish reads ten books a year, and a French reads seven books a year. In Turkey, 6 Turks read 1 book a year.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of National Education in 1993, the reasons for our human readings are as follows:

The number of individuals who have not acquired the habit of reading books in our country, have not reached consciousness of reading books, and do not carry the love of books are too numerous. Starting from our students for the development and protection of our language, it is of utmost importance to acquire lifelong reading habits in all sections of the society. Research has shown that students who read books have a meaningful relationship between book readings and course achievements.

The Goal of Project

To give students the habit of reading books is to encourage students to express themselves, to develop communication and social skills. It is aimed to give students the habit of reading books and to gain social sensitivity and interpreting knowledge and skills. In this way, students will be able to think analytically, expressing what they think accurately and clearly, having a high perception ability, interpreting and synthesizing, questioning, arguing, developing concepts, beauty sense and aesthetic understanding, are trained as high-character individuals with spiritual values.

With this project, the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education, which is determined at the beginning of the term, and the works compatible with the world classics are being taught continuing in the constructivist education system during the academic year and are taught by our primary teachers in our primary schools and Turkish teachers in our secondary schools. With this project, students are expected to comment on the works and to submit their opinions. In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the development of thought of generations with quality readers who express themselves better.