Anatolian High School


In our schools, a student-centred curriculum that follows and utilizes the innovations of the times and is open to improvement is used. With our teaching programs, we provide support for all kinds of scientific and creative work that will enable our students to express themselves on the field and enrich the teaching environment. In our school we offer academic programs that will enhance the knowledge and skills of our students, along with national education curricula.

Our school's 9th, 10th, 11th. And 12th grade students are provided with the General Culture Courses, Area Courses, Elective Courses and Preparatory Programs for the exams, so that our students are prepared to the best of both life and the university.

It is not only focused on academic achievement, but also aims to raise individuals who are social, artistic, productive, self-confident, and who will develop and develop the skills of our students, arts, sports, culture, science and so on. We support every activity with our original programs.