Primary School


BİL COLLEGE Primary School aims to educate creative individuals who have basic knowledge and skills, think critically, communicate effectively in line with the general objectives and principles of National Education. With the PYP (Primary Years Program), which is the foundation of our school's education system, we provide our students with a democratic and contemporary education environment in the light of the principles of love, respect, fairness, science and tolerance. In this environment, our students are gained the skills of individual learning and team work and are encouraged to develop their arts, sports, culture, activities and talents they are interested in with the opportunities provided to them. In our school, education and training are being conducted in Turkish and English by Turkish and foreign national teachers. In addition to the education programs set by the Ministry of National Education, our students receive English, Computer, Drama, Chess and Dance education from the first semester.

Our aim is to provide students with the ability to communicate using English in a language other than the language they speak to our students and to make them love English. We also have special programs for BIL to use our students' confidence in their English language. Our school, which attaches importance to the second foreign language education with its programs supporting the speaking of the world languages, is starting to teach German, French and Spanish from the 5th grade.