Information and Training Technologies

We foresee that in the 21st century, technological developments will become a century of rapid transformation into personal skills. Therefore, it is inevitable that investments made in this area will become a century that will increase day by day.

In human-to-human communication, it is known that the most effective and lasting communication is face-to-face communication. The second most common form of communication after face-to-face communication is the form of communication established by technological means.

Custom TEKNO - BİL Applications:
  • Personal digital education environments
  • Digital lesson materials at every class level
  • At least two foreign digital platforms
  • Bilingual digital library at every level
  • Benefits coded digital resource books
  • BİL - Lab digital student lab
  • 360° Human
  • 3D Laboratories
  • Tablets
  • Thinking school, intelligent classes
  • Common communication network
  • Advanced measurement and evaluation
  • Smart BİL-Kart
Automation Program:

BIL Schools is a web-based information system in which all education and training programs and processes of the school are followed by management, teachers, students and parents.

  • Investing in education technologies
  • Turn training services into more productive
  • Developing practice areas related to teaching and learning
  • To conduct applied field studies in our educational institutions
  • To enhance the competence, efficiency and efficiency of training staff
  • Developing multi-learning environments and presenting them to our students

We intend to make the technology a daily life style, to give time management skill and to give.