Can Can Publications

In 1994; BiL Culture Education Inc., which was founded with the awareness of its social responsibilities and with the academicians and businessmen who believe that the biggest capital of Turkey is educated people who are rapidly adapting to the changing dynamics of the times, are the first building blocks of BiL Holding.

BiL Kültür Eğitim A.Ş., which has accomplished many successes in a short period of time with its "Total Quality" policy, has developed its business by adding new branches to its field and has continued its investments in accordance with its requirements in the way of self-sufficiency and "education to win education”.

New rings have been added over time to the chain of investments that started at the locomotive of BİL Culture Education Inc., which believes in the dominance of knowledge through strong, dynamic, innovative and productive management. BİL-Form Printing, BİL Derajans Advertising, Ek-BİL Printing, BİL Publishing, BİL Bilisjm, BİL Lojistik, BİL Aydın Publishing and BİL Data organizations participated in the caravan of BİL Holding respectively.

BiL Holding, which reflects all developments in scientific and technical fields with its total quality understanding to its services and products, has coloured its 12-year history with many companies and more than 100 educational institutions. Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation, founded with the material and spiritual support of BiL Holding, Vocational college and contemporary university with our country has been breaking new ground in education.

BİL Holding will continue to present contemporary and innovative projects to the service of my country and humanity with its philosophy of believing in democracy and carrying forward the success chart with every passing day and walking with sure steps.