In our ongoing journey since we founded, we constructed our foundation stone of corporate policy on planning, programme, percept of total quality, harmony between different disciplines and team work which gives priority to coordination.

The percept of institution management and sharing form our foundation philosophy. Our service area involves every part of our country and so, Works are more general, more supplement, more contemporary and innovator.

In the technological contest which directs our age, in order to transmit our country to modernity level we are aware that the most important means are investing in human being, education and investigation.

It’s only possible to reach the target point in the development of the country through producing, handing down the next generations, expanding and transforming of the knowledge.

Bil Culture and Education Incorporated Company was founded in 1994 and underlied Bil Holding. To create leader education holding which has global standardization became our target point. Vocational School of Higher Education “Anadolu Bil MYO”, which is within the structure of “Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation” (AKEV) founded by moral and material support of our holding, and contemporary “İstanbul Aydın University” broke grounds on education.

On the other hand, Bil Holding has been pressing on with the leadership location for 20 years through the private teaching institutions expanded in Turkey, permanent teaching centres, Vocational Schools with the responsibility of International ISO 9001 Certificate.

Within the strategies of Ministry of National Education there are encouragements in educational investments of private sector and private schools; and goals on increasing the educational quality of private institutions. By this way, from kindergarten till university, our Bil Schools and Aydın University took on a task educating next generations who internalise Turkish Republic Values as a responsibility.