Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV)

Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Mustafa Aydın, together with a group of academicians and businessmen who believe that well-educated and trained individuals are the most important investment of a nation.

AKEV aims to raise our youth as responsible, continuously self-improving, productive, creative as well as exemplary and high skilled individuals for our country and the world in goods and services sector.

With the principle of raising Turkish people especially our youth over global standards in every fields, Anadolu Education and Culture Foundation provides scholarships to students with low income and earthquake victims every year within the scope of collaborations between private sector and state enterprises at other regions in Turkey.

Having a creative, constructive, compatible and challenging voice in its works in education and training towards its aims, AKEV contributes Turkish Higher Education with Istanbul Aydin University established in 2007 inclusive of Anadolu Bil Vocational School established in 2003 to create solutions for Turkish education of 21st century and to support the development of our education system, letting its contemporary, modern and innovative approach be felt.

AKEV, parallel to changing and improving needs of the humanity and our nation, is a bridge between our country, European Union and our well-trained workforce in social and scientific aspects in the fields of education, technology and science. Contributing skilled individuals to the society, AKEV continues to conduct scientific and technological works with its researchers and entrepreneurial members.