Academic Learning


5N 1K Active Digital learning method is applied with reference to "Full Learning Mode" in BİL Schools. The Benjamin Bloom theory of the complete Learning Model is summarized in the following words: "All students can learn what is taught in school." This applies to the way in which individual differences do not exist. So, almost everyone can achieve the determined level of success with extra time and effort. In this way, almost any student can learn exactly what they are all about. Each person's personality and learning processes are different from each other.

BIL Schools have structured their education and training programs by achieving the highest level of achievement in teaching and achieving success for all, namely equal opportunity. With this work, BIL Schools enriched the Full Learning Model with 5N 1K Active and Digital Learning method, which is an individual learning method that enables students to learn the most at the highest level by preparing original programs appropriate to the learning time and level of each student considering individual differences. The curriculum for BİL Schools aims to achieve 95% success with the appropriateness of each student's learning time and level.

Bil Schools with Educational Program Objectives;

It aims,

  • To develop students in terms of physical, mental, spiritual, social and cultural qualities,
  • To be respectful of democracy and human rights,
  • The development of students' self-confidence, self-control and responsibility,
  • Students will be able to follow developments and changes in the world, learn foreign languages at a level that they can express themselves,
  • Preparing for the future by equipping them with the knowledge and skills required by our era,
  • Students are able to produce using knowledge and skills,
  • Giving students the ability to think creatively and critically,
  • To provide students with a common general culture at the secondary level and prepare them for tertiary education, occupation,
  • It is important to ensure that education and employment relations are in a healthy, balanced and dynamic structure in line with the principles and policies of the Ministry of National Education,
  • While not giving students a habit of working and solidarity,